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About Us

Our mission is to bring fairness through knowledge and transparency to corporates and their boards when they prepare for and execute their listed market transactions.

We leverage three decades of trading experience in all regions of the globe and sit in the same corner with our corporate clients. Using our in-depth understanding of risks, incentives and trading strategies, we help guide firms towards implementation plans that align their financing objectives with their shareholders interests. We do this by using our practical knowledge of how the plumbing of the securities market works, together with our understanding of regulations, trading processes and execution costs.


  • Helping Boards and Companies align their buy-back objectives with an appropriate implementation process

  • Evaluate and re-align "in flight" buy-backs who have discovered that their current execution strategy is unsuitable for the companies objectives

  • Clarify and quantify financial and governance related risks

  • Provide execution strategy transparency on pricing

  • Evaluation of historical share buy-back implementation


  • From time to time Candor Partners Limited will collaborate with unconnected parties to work on projects

  • The collaboration with Prof Joerg Osterrieder on certain research/white papers projects is one such example



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